The Team

At Any Rate was created by The Wefso Brothers and Adrian Bishop.


  • Jack Wefso
  • Writer / Producer / Star


  • Charles Wefso
  • Writer / Producer


  • Adrian Bishop
  • Writer / Director / Producer





Cast and crew

Thanks to our awesome expanding cast and crew!

We love all of you!




Jack Wefso

Kristina Hall

John Hauser

Jason Maxwell

Karin Carr

Mathew Bloodsmith

Seth Maisel

Chelsea Ochoa




Co-Producer: Heather Domko

DP: Robert Muratore & Jon Stevenson

Sound: Danny Overby, Aaron DelGrosso,
Gio Barabadze

Grip/Gaff: James Harshman, Mikyle Lockwood

Makeup: Sara Hunter, Naomi Robles